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05/21/2016, Frankfurt/Germany

Favorite Artists?

Talib Kweli, 9th Wonder and The Roots.

How making Beats?

Use FL Studio.

Use Samples?

Use samples sometimes, but You are reduced in Your creativity just to have a small sequence of Sounds. So, 90 % I compose my own Sounds.

Sing or Rap?

Not my main direction, but I use some vocals for my Beats.

Current Hip Hop state?

Very Bad. Most sell their Music as Hip Hop, but it is not. When You use 100 % Pop Styles, You have to call it what it is. So a lot of Artists try to sell their work with words which gains them Money. Also, some Artists do really childish verses just because the request is there. 2016 is a year with low aspirations. The same with the last at least 10 years. I'm not against new sounds or Styles, I support this, but it must be Quality in the Tracks.

German Hip Hop?

There was a time of good Artist at the end of the '90s. Today, i rarely find Artists with Quality. Not because it is a new time, but because, Hip Hop is reduced to whatever Genre there is.

Projects going on?

There are some new Albums coming out and some ideas.

Work with other Artists?

Work with different MC's or Singer, but my composition is done just with my work.

Learn producing?

Beginn Beat Producing at the age of 16. The Sounds of the Samples inspired me very much. I learned to listen to the instruments and want to know how amazing plays are done. So I began to play keyboard and from their it was clear to me that this is my thing. I learned making Beats by studying and training all the spectrum of Production. No One told me how to do this. I simple trained my ears.

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